Blue Planet Energy Battery Storage


Blue Planet Energy is a Hawaiian based solar battery storage manufacturer.  Blue Planet Energy provides support including project design and sales support; component compatibility testing and assurance; system-level component configuration and integration; installation support; and O&M services.  The Company’s installed base exceeds 10MWh (Megawatt hours) and it focuses primarily on the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Blue Planet’s technology is based on ferrous phosphate technology (as opposed to the widely known lithium ion technology). The primary advantage of this technology is that it does not need rare minerals  and it remains stable even under this most challenging physical conditions as compared to lithium ion technology. Additionally, the product line carries a 15 year manufacturers warranty, the highest in the industry and its expected useful life is 21 years compared to 10 years for most other battery storage systems available in the market. As a result, its cost of ownership is deemed to be the lowest in the market.

Case Studies



Blue Planet Energy Provides Critical Power for Puerto Rican Hospital


Blue Planet Energy Creates Resilience Hubs at Puerto Rican Schools


Blue Planet’s carries two (2) product lines, the Blue Ion 2.0 for the residential and small business market and the Blue Ion LXHV for the commercial, industrial and utility scale market

Blue Ion LXHV

The Blue Ion LXHV from Blue Planet Energy is a premium grid-optional energy storage solution that integrates a wide range of energy sources to power businesses and critical infrastructure independent of, or in conjunction with, the utility grid.

Blue Ion 2.0

Blue Ion sets the bar for battery performance. Rapid recharging captures all the energy your solar panels dish out. 100% discharge means you can use the entire battery, unlike some battery technologies that only allow 50% discharge. We are confident in the long life of our systems and offer the best performance warranty available.

This product line consists of three (3) modules of 8Kwh, 12 Kwh, and 16Kwh. These may be assembled to deliver up to 450KWh.