Hoymiles Microinverters



About Hoymiles?

In 2015, the Hoymiles microinverters was rated by the California Energy Comission (CED) as the world’s most efficient microinverter with a rated efficiency of 96.7% (measured as DC Input/AC Output).

Currently, Hoymiles microinverters operate in over 10,000 solar PV commercial and industrial sites around the globe. The Company operates in over 20 countries globally, including the United States,  Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Brazil and China, among others.



What are Microinverters?

Microinverters are compact units that attach directly to each solar module in the array which is different than the traditional (String) Inverters that are attached directly to the solar array (grouping of multiple solar modules). By distributing the conversion process (from DC current to AC current) at the module level, it makes the entire solar power system more productive, reliable, and smarter than traditional inverter systems.




HM -1000/1200/1500


HM – 600 / 700 / 800


HM – 300N / 350N / 400N